Squeezing in fitness 101

In today’s world, deadlines are not that usual for people like you—busy people. And the thing is, it can be hard to pay attention to anything else but those. That is why, we often forget our social life, and also our gym time, they’re a thing of the past now. We can barely find the time to fix ourselves a healthy meal too.

So what can a busy person do? Take a look at some practical tips that we have prepared especially for people like you.

  1. Write it down your planner or calendar.

Planning or scheduling your workout is one of the useful ways to remember your workouts. When you’re working 2 or more jobs and you’re taking extra courses to boost your resume, and you’re juggling all these with social life, the last thing you want to happen is for deadlines and appointments, and tasks to fall through the cracks. The solution for this problem is proper scheduling. The way you can manage ahead and find the perfect time from your schedule to fix the perfect meals and squeeze in a sweat session.

  1. Cook in bulk

You’ve probably hear that abs are made in the kitchen and 20% in the gym. The thing is, we have to make time for preparing a healthy meal. That’s why we recommend for you to do a bulk meal. If you have a free time during the weekend, then use that time to cook your meals so when the busy days come, all you have to do is take out your containers and just reheat it.

  1. Intensity over duration

Last but not the least, when you exercise, the long hours really should not matter since you only need 15 minutes for you to work up a sweat. So go and do it.


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