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Stay Warm & Stay Healthy

Over the last few years, the rate of obesity has gone up. This of course poses a big problem for the nation, since it creates a generation of children who are gaining weight at unhealthy levels. This can be even more problematic during the winter when the cold weather conditions offer little incentive for individuals…

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Squeezing in fitness 101

In today’s world, deadlines are not that usual for people like you—busy people. And the thing is, it can be hard to pay attention to anything else but those. That is why, we often forget our social life, and also our gym time, they’re a thing of the past now. We can barely find the…

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Staying Fit 101

So now that you have already achieved a physically fit body, the only problem you’d have to deal with is staying fit. There are people who usually lose the motivation or inspiration to keep on doing what they have already done once they have reached their dream. But you should never stop doing it, you…

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